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Gain operational and business insight into the effectiveness and business impact of processes automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Move beyond process automation and focus on process optimization

We’ve been talking about digital transformation for years now, yet most organizations are struggling to make meaningful progress. To realize this vision, we need to move beyond automation to focus on process optimization. Using Nintex Hawkeye, your entire business gains the visibility to measure scope, effectiveness, and business impact of processes automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Hawkeye Process Intelligence

Pre-built and customizable dashboards

Operational dashboards let you quickly visualize the size and scale of your process automation portfolio. Process intelligence dashboards filter process data to understand business impact and efficiency by process type, user, role, department, and more.

Process Intelligence Lens in Action

 Usage Lens in Action

Hawkeye Dashboards
User Experience

An empowering user experience

Powerful but easy design lets anyone in your business quickly visualize data, measure impact, and implement change.

Connect Nintex data sources and create compelling dashboards in minutes with clicks-not code.

Share Intelligent Dashboards

Collaborate and share intelligent reports and dashboards using best-in-class visualization tools. Quickly extend to other BI tools and customize dashboards to meet your business needs.

*Nintex Hawkeye delivers out of the box visualizations built on Microsoft Power BI, and can integrate with business intelligence tools that support industry-standard OData APIs.

Seamless integration with the Nintex Workflow Platform

Seamless integration with the Nintex Workflow Platform lets you quickly connect to any Nintex data source on premises or in the cloud. You can instrument workflows with business context so your data accurately reflects how your business runs, then apply pre-built and customizable dashboards to analyze and optimize your automated processes.

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