Why choose workflow automation?

Streamline your work

Workflow automation makes it easy to design, build and publish workflows across the enterprise to automate simple to sophisticated processes and improve productivity.

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What is workflow?

Let’s start with defining a workflow. In its most basic definition, a workflow is a business process where tasks, information, or content moves from one person to another for action, according to a set of rules.

What is workflow

Why choose workflow automation?

Workflow automation helps you streamline your processes, integrate your content and drive collaboration between people. It’s about improving processes – from the everyday to the elaborate – that are designed for your unique needs. It’s about working with content no matter what or where it is, and routing it to the right recipients in the best, most intuitive, efficient way for them to use it and keep business moving.

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The issues with BPM

To build the most efficient business possible, many organizations go big and try to simplify the most complex, most critical processes they can identify. More often than not, these require a tech-heavy business process management (BPM) solution that takes a lot of time, talent, and cost to develop and get right.

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The issues with BPM
Designed to be quick, easy and powerful

Designed to be quick, easy and powerful

Legacy IT architectures struggle with the rapid testing, failing, learning, adapting, and iterating that digital innovations require. With Nintex, you can rapidly design a workflow, test and measure its viability before you scale it across your enterprise. It’s built precisely for a test-and-learn paradigm. In the two-speed world of IT, you can be agile in days and weeks instead of months or years.

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Use clicks not code

Use clicks, not code

Our software and cloud services allow organizations to quickly and easily automate day-to-day business processes using clicks rather than code. As we’ve always done, ours is the only platform that puts a low-code solution in the hands of users. The result? Nintex fills the void between IT, business leaders and end users, giving more people the power to design and manage their own workflows.

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