Use forms and workflows to capture every opportunity

Spend your time following leads, not paperwork

Use workflows to cut the administrative tasks of managing sales opportunities in your CRM system. Then bypass your inbox, auto-assign tasks, and trigger actions, alerts, and follow-ups. See how workflow and content automation solutions improve the sales-to-cash process. 
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Opportunity Management

Any form, any device, anywhere

Today's workforce is mobile, and if you want to get the best work out of your sales team, give them every tool it takes to be productive. Use Nintex Forms to capture prospect data or notes on any device.  

Streamline busywork

Using workflows you can create or update records across multiple objects in Salesforce (or other CRM systems), saving time and improving data accuracy. 
Opportunity Management

Opportunity management

Missing leads—or failing to follow up on them—is a missed opportunity. Use forms and workflows to capture every opportunity.
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