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Why improve IT processes?

IT staff is responsible for keeping a business running, so it’s no surprise that process management and IT go hand-in-hand. With Nintex, you can easily design and manage typical IT processes, like help desk requests or hardware and software inventory, saving significant time and resources.


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Manage help desk requests

Manage help desk requests

The success of an IT help desk is frequently measured by the speed and quality of its service request management. Productivity suffers when employees can’t connect to a network, experience hardware or software issues, or have a tech support problem. Automating help desk service requests, including the escalation of requests to appropriate parties, can streamline the customer support processes, expedite resolution and allow employees to get back to their work.
Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Capture required information and set notifications to keep requests moving
  • Route requests to the correct technician or escalate overdue tickets
  • Integrate with knowledge bases to provide faster and more accurate responses
  • Integrate with ITIL/IT service management systems to ensure IT policy compliance

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Manage and track IT assets

Manage and track IT assets from acquisition to disposal

IT asset management is an important part of a company’s strategy because it helps organizations manage their systems more effectively and avoid unnecessary purchases. By knowing what assets you have, where they are and who’s using them, IT can control the asset inventory across the enterprise network and make decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Create self-service portals
  • Automatically assign/recycle licenses and hardware resources to different users
  • Create reports and views on current asset usage, updates and more
  • Schedule workflows to track firmware/software updates, resource usage and warranty expirations

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Provision User Accounts

Provision user accounts

User account provisioning is a business process for creating and managing access to resources in an IT system. For companies looking to lower the administrative burdens of account management and reduce risk, automated digital workflows can ensure all required approvals are received before granting users access to an application or data.

  • Easily add or delete user accounts for employees who are joining or leaving the company
  • Create forms that capture all required data
  • Keep a full audit trail of user account access
  • Route provisioning requests to the correct approver
automate message notifications

Automate message notifications

Push notifications can draw attention to a message, but productivity can take a nosedive when notifications from multiple lines of business applications, phone, email, and SMS happen across multiple channels and devices. Improve message management by integrating the Nintex Workflow Platform with line of business applications, Active Directory and Azure Service Bus to streamline notifications. 

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Route messages according to their relevance to the correct employee and groups, improving employee productivity and morale
  • Create a single portal to view and manage all pending tasks and notifications
  • Prevent information leaks and ensure confidential information is secure

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