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What is a Nintex Training Provider?

Nintex Training providers take your skills and knowledge to the next level by offering courses, workshops and lessons that demonstrate what’s possible with Nintex.

Nintex Training Providers

How Training Providers can help you

Online Training

Online courses

Provide on-demand learning material through a virtual learning environment.

In-Person Training

In-person training

Get hands-on learning opportunities by meeting in a physical location.

TekDog Nintex trainings are a great set of resources to learn Nintex

TekDog Nintex trainings are a great set of resources to learn Nintex. The benefit of using online videos is that our teams can go back at any time and access previous recordings to help answer follow up questions or refresh, and they also get the instructor interaction by asking questions through TekDog University! The response rate is great and support is responsive. We can also pair Nintex Connect with TekDog How-To Catalogues to not only learn all the actions, but also to combine resources to troubleshoot workflow or form builds."


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