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10 Business Processes You Might Not Know You Can Automate

August 18, 2017, Author: Dan Barker

Let’s face it – everyone working in the corporate world has spent valuable time on mundane tasks they’d rather not perform. Whether it’s manually entering data at the end of a long day, or checking your email constantly to make sure you haven’t missed a message in an important thread, […]

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Are You Making These Common Workflow Mistakes?

August 17, 2017, Author: Patrick Nguyen

Workflow is understood to be an essential part of the day-to-day operations in a business, and every company uses workflow – but not every company uses workflow well. Workflows come naturally to most people, but that doesn’t automatically make them good. Workflow is used in nearly every task, so it’s […]

Best Practices, Workflow and Content Automation

How to Resolve Project Sign-off Bottlenecks

August 17, 2017, Author: Vadim Tabakman

Most organizations employ a formal approval process for everyday business procedures. This kind of process often involves a document being created and sent around for a series of edits and amendments, and sign-off by a senior member of staff. While such a process may require some collaboration and input from […]

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Channel Survey: Cloud Migration and Process Automation are Top Priority

August 16, 2017, Author: Elise Harrington

One of the best parts of my job is meeting Nintex customers and partners and hearing the innovative ways they are using Nintex technology to solve business challenges. Last month I attended Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C. and met may of our channel partners (who are also Microsoft partners). From […]

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Advancing Women in Technology

August 15, 2017, Author: Laavanya Kathiresen

In 2016 women represented 59 percent of the workforce, but on average only represent 30 percent of the workforce at major technology companies. As the technology sector continues to grow, statistics highlight that women remain underrepresented for a variety of reasons. However in today’s post, and as a director of […]